Top Beaches To Go To In Thailand

Not all beaches are created equal. This is why it is worth visiting Thailand in order to experience them all or to find one that will suit your preference. Most of these beaches you will have to take a ferry in order to access such as the Full Moon Parties where you need to book a ferry to Koh Phangan.

If you want to switch off, the best place to visit is KohLaioLiang which is just outside the Trang province. This is popular to locals who wanted to get away from the stress of the city life and it is considered to be off the radar of tourism yet. There are no day trippers in the area and the only accommodation available is an eco campsite with 20 tents. Visitors can stay between the months of October and April. Once you landed in the Trang airport, all you have to do is ride a longtail boat and the island is 45 minutes from the shore. The cons are that there is no Wi-fi and power is only available from 4 PM daily.

Tourists looking for luxury should visit KohKood. The island is an hour away from Bangkok by plane. It is the fourth biggest island in the Kingdom. There are a number of luxury resorts in the area.

Privacy is best felt when visiting KohLibong, the largest island located in Trang. Sustainable tourism is the goal of the government in the area. The place is known for the large number of dugongs.

If you are looking to party by the beach, check out Phi Phi Don located on Ko Phi Phi. Tourism touched the island two decades ago but it is still famous among tourists and backpackers. You can take a side trip to see the Maya Bay for its marine life. If you want something more to remember, attend the Full Moon parties held in HaadRin which is in the southern part of Koh PhaNgan. Monthly, tens of thousands are flocking to the island by making sure to book a ferry to Koh Phangan to be a part of this party.