Tips To Win An Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Christmas season is the time to give gifts and spread cheer. But when it comes to winning contests, the receiver has the last laugh. Tacky Christmas sweater parties are a rage in this season and here are some tips to win these quirky contests.

Tips to Win Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Consider the Taste of Your Audience

Before dressing up for the party, consider the tastes and preferences of the audience. What you consider ugly may be cute or charming to another person. Consider the likes and dislikes of the audience and choose an ugly Christmas sweater that strikes a chord. Choose a sweater that stands apart and has quirky ornaments or embroidery.

Go Ugly to Match the Theme

Though the sweater is going to be the centerpiece of your ensemble, do not neglect the rest of the outfit. In these contests, your outfit will be judged as a whole. Wear the most ugly and hideous ensemble and be the center of attraction at the contest.

Opt for Interactive Sweaters

Choose an ugly Christmas sweater that has some interactive accessories. For example, you can wear a sweater with an attached bottle opener or a cute little accessory. These sweaters make your sweater look interesting and can help you bond with the judges.

Think out of the Box

Think of fun ideas to make the sweater stand out. Go through the rules of the contest and opt for creative outfits such as an ugly Christmas onesie or a Christmas sweater dress. Choose these outfits only if the rules permit, otherwise you risk being disqualified from the contest.

Buy the Ugliest Sweater online

While shopping for an ugly Christmas sweater opt for the most outrageous and hideous one. Choose a sweater in Christmas colors with eye-catching designs. Do not shop for the sweater alone, but also buy leggings, socks and other accessories to go with the sweater.

Try these tips to win first prize at the ugly Christmas sweater contest this season. Get dressed in your ugliest sweaters and walk the ramp to impress the judges. Shop now for an attractive or ugly jumper for this season.