Tips To Buy Car Alarm Systems

Car alarm system is essential to protect your dream car from theft. There are a variety of alarm systems in the market. You have to choose an alarm that suits your car model and your budget. Here are some tips to help you choose then right type of car alarm.

Choose the Type of Alarm

There are 2 major types of car alarm systems available with auto parts dealers. Passive alarms, which automatically get armed after the ignition is turned off and all the doors are closed. Active alarms which have to be manually activated.

Choose Car Alarms with the Right Features

Car alarms are available with a range of features. It is advisable to educate yourself about the different features and choose an alarm with the right set of features to suit your requirements. Some key features of car alarm systems are

  • Automatic Rearm – This feature will relock the doors, if they are not opened immediately after pressing the unlock button on the remote. This feature will keep your car safe, when you accidentally unlock the car.
  • Ignition controlled door Locks – This feature automatically locks the car door as soon as the ignition is turned on and unlocks the doors when you turn off the ignition. This feature acts as a safety lock and is useful especially while travelling with children and pets. This feature can be programmed in a variety of combinations.
  • Trunk Output – This feature will open the trunk on pressing a button. This feature is useful for people who do heavy shopping or transport heavy items. You can lift the trunk with minimum effort.
  • Car Finder – It will help you to search for your car in a parking lot. When you press the button, the siren will start off and the parking lights will flash to enable you to find the car.

Start Shopping

Once you are clear about the type of alarm and the features you need, start shopping for car alarms. You can visit online auto parts stores or dealers in your neighborhood to look for car alarms manufactured by different companies. Do not forget to compare the prices at different stores before you finalize the car alarm system.

Buying car alarm appears to be a challenging task, but you can do it easily if you follow the above guidelines. Research the market, know the features and finally invest in a good alarm. Buy the alarm from reputed auto parts dealers to ensure that it is genuine and has warranties.