Tips For Students To Avoid Getting Lost In Campus

Most universities provide prospective students with a welcome packet that includes College Campus map illustrations, handouts or brochures. The campus maps will help the student navigate the university before they make a confident choice. Very often the 3D illustrated campus maps are so impressive and fascinating to enhance the campus experience.

Matthew Ragan is a former counselor of Camp War Eagle who is helping new counselors to navigate the campus.  When Ragan was training to become a counselor in Auburn, Ragan had to learn how to navigate the campus. Ragan memorized the campus maps and took weekly tests to ensure that he knows every building in campus and how to get there.

According to Ragan, one of the best ways to learn the way around campus is to reach out to previous counselors of Camp War Eagle and Successfully Orienting Students program that is accessible to all. Most students have certainly experienced getting lost in campus at one time or another. It is important to learn the route to class and walk the same route every time.

Another resource for navigating the campus that Ragan recommends is Google Maps walking feature that he used when he was still as freshman. Another option is Auburn Guides app with guides and maps of Auburn that can be downloaded by students.

If you are out of state, it is difficult to adjust to the campus. Ragan learned to navigate the campus by finding specific routes to his classes. He usually starts with Student Center because it is located at the center of the campus. Since there is lots of food in the Student Center, you won’t get hungry once you are lost.

Ragan tried to learn his way from where he lived to the Student Center and then to the Parker Hall where he had Calculus classes. By wandering around campus, Ragan soon became familiar with the layout.

The good thing with College Campus map illustrations are buildings and landmarks are drawn artistically including landmarks to make it easy for a student to navigate the campus. From the drawings, a student can easily recognize a building and feel an immediate sense of identification.