Tips For Decorating A Small Front Porch

Home décor is something that people take seriously; after all, the house is where you live, and where most people spend most of their time.

Just as important, however, is furnishing and decorating the front porch. Simply put, it’s the entryway of your home, effectively the metaphorical ‘handshake’, the connection to the outside world. It’s the transition area; it’s the area your home uses to welcome you and guests.

So if you want a more welcoming front porch, here a few tips.

Make it nice and welcoming with the right colors

Small porches shouldn’t be dark: it makes them seem foreboding and unwelcoming, which is the exact opposite of what you want for you home. You want to draw people in, you want your home to feel comfortable even before they step through the door.

Pick a bright color that’s eye-catching while also complementing your home’s overall design aesthetic. For example, if your house is primarily white, then opt for a dark blue door for your porch.

Make it interesting

Make a porch feel a bit bigger, more open, and more interesting by adding some interest pieces onto it.

Things like hanging plants or pergolas are great for this. If you’re worried about having to put in a lot of work on the matter, as there are DIY kits for it. Regardless, the idea is to make the small porch stand out and elevate the look.

Make it charming

Regardless of the size of your porch, it can be charming.

A splash of color, a few window boxes, wall mount planters; anything that makes the porch charming, welcoming, and its own unique personality can do a lot for it, regardless of how big your porch is, even if you practically don’t have a porch.

Keep it simple

Know of the KISS principle? It’s a principle picked up by the US Navy in the 60s, and has since spread to fields and institutions across the world. KISS stands for “keep it simple, stupid”; prioritizing making the most of what’s already there and making sure that complexity doesn’t risk issues.

When it comes to furnishing and decorating, it’s a solid principle. Remember that you’re working with a limited space; it’s all about making the most of what’s there. When it comes to the front porch, the idea is to put enough décor to make it interesting, without overwhelming the natural architecture of the front porch.