Things You Have Never Heard About Suzuki

It is very likely that you have noticed the Suzuki motorcycle for sale at the dealer. It is certainly not surprising if your attention was riveted to the awesome machine; after all, Suzuki has produced some of the best motorcycles in the world. The company keeps on coming up with new and improved designs particularly in the sports bike lines.

You have heard of the brand name Suzuki but there are many things that you have never heard about the company. The famous Suzuki motorcycles today started as motorized bicycles. Now, Suzuki is at the forefront of innovations to become a headliner in the industry.

Initially, the Suzuki motorcycles were produced with 2-stroke engines that were characterized by the up and down movement of a singular piston. The motorcycles were significantly lighter in weight and smaller than the 4-stroke engines that were produced later on. While mechanical simplicity is considered useful, there was increasing demand for better engines that outweigh all the advantages of the simple machine.

Shinichi Sahara knows exactly what motorcycle riders need. He designed one of the best Suzuki motorcycles, the GSX-R1000 for riders who know how to ride well. People who have experienced riding the GSX-R know how well the machine performs.

1970 was a successful year for Suzuki because it became the first Japanese manufacturer that won a motocross championship. After the championship, Suzuki was able to celebrate its dominance over other manufacturers. Based on trends, sports bikes are not really that saleable but it is not true for Suzuki. Suzuki sports bikes account for 20% of the company’s sales.

During the same year when Suzuki was making headlines in motorcycle racing, the manufacturer released the GS400 and GS750 with 4-stroke engines. These motorcycles were practical and fun to ride particularly for small riders who want to ride around the city.

Suzuki continues to come up with new and innovative designs. It is very likely that you will find the latest Suzuki motorcycle for sale from the extensive range of options offered by UK dealers. Aside from the savings off the retail recommended price, there is lifetime guarantee for the new and used motorcycles over 250cc.