The Rise Of Instant Printing

Imagine a time when we can print everything we want and everywhere we are including fun souvenirs such as fake ID. While this might mean a lot of work to make it possible, a new innovation has made things easier for those who love to print photos on the go. You don’t have to settle with just staring at your photos in your smartphone or devices but rather you can touch and save the tangible memory.

This is the promise of a photo printer that is currently making rounds online. The design is very sleek and it futuristic at the same time. It is another product introduced by Kodak known as the mini 2. The device can print stunning images but the size is only as big as a credit card. The paper cartridges are termed to be all in on because it makes use of the printing technology referred to as 4Pass or in other words dye-sublimation. The prints are not only beautiful but long-lasting as well as it can be kept for a decade.

The paper comes with a laminate layer to prevent smudging and it is also waterproof to lengthen the lifespan of the pictures. Aside from printing, a number of editing features can also be used using the Kodak app which can be downloaded for free. Features such as special ID print, cropping and collage can be used.

Another sleek device for printing is the INSTAX Share SP-3 which operates wirelessly too. Photos can be sent from smartphone or direct from social media. Users can add texts on the photos if they desire or a collage can be created from a video. Due to the laser exposure technology, printing time is only 13 seconds beginning at data transfer until the output. It can be used alongside a Fujifilm camera.

Last but not the least is the Ivy developed by Canon. It is using a printing technology called Zero Ink which means it utilized heat in order to activate the crystals that are integrated into the paper. This is responsible in forming the image. Unless printing photographs, any of these three cannot be used to make fake ID therefore contacting a reliable company is the best solution.