The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Businesses

Phet Kasem Road is one of the four major highways in Thailand. Setting up a business in commercial building in Petchkasem shows great promise because of the abundance of vehicle and foot traffic. The location is practical for your customers because of its convenience and accessibility to public transport.

Advancements in technology are changing the way business is being done. What used to be associated with science fiction is now a part of daily live. Artificial Intelligence or AI is now the mainstream technology that people are dependent upon. AI also affects organizations in more ways than one. AI is present in most functions of the human resources from the computer programs that assist in the acquisition program for talents to marketing campaigns.

AI allows the human resources to screen applicants without any biases or pre-conceptions. One example is Unilever that has started to use artificial intelligence in hiring entry-level employees from the application stage to the interview process. Candidates are shortlisted to for the final interview with HR personnel. According to Unilever the results have been positive in terms of bringing diverse talents to the company and improving cost efficiency.

Another aspect of human resources that can benefit from artificial intelligence is small and repetitive tasks like responding to frequently asked questions with chatbots and automation of payroll functions. The use of AI in human resources allow staff to have more time to focus on more important responsibilities like employee engagement and retention.

Most companies are already applying artificial intelligence in their marketing strategies like email marketing campaigns. With AI technology on the background, emails to customers can be automated. General information can be efficiently collected from purchases and articles that users have read. Collected information can be utilized to personalize email and suggest new products and services to the target audience.

However, before you start the business, it pays to make a research on the appropriate location available for the company. Ideally, you will prefer the busiest parts of the city where the business will benefit from pedestrian traffic. One of your best options is commercial building in Petchkasem that will provide the business with consistent exposure to customers.