The History Of Dental Dentures

One of the parts of the body that can be easily replaced is the teeth. However, centuries ago, there was no dentist in Limerick who can provide dental implants or implant-supported dentures. There were many dental restorations from the earlier eras but they do not qualify as dentures.

Advances in dental technology have managed to replace missing teeth with authentic and lasting dental implants. But before the dental implants, dentures were the king. According to historian Scott Swank who curates the National Museum of Dentistry, ancient Egyptians were able to develop bridgework as a substitute to missing teeth. They used gold wires attached to neighboring teeth to hold 1 or 2 artificial teeth in place. The artificial teeth were carved from hippopotamus ivory or human teeth.

According to history, Etruscans in ancient Italy used the same methods as the Romans that succeeded them. Bridges were made from materials like metal and ivory, bone or human and animal teeth. Swank said that archeological remains prove that were implants made from lead since there were signs of actual bone healing around them.

Historians generally accept that the first dentures started to appear in China and Japan although there were few examples from the early Middle Ages. Records and artifacts showed that the bases of the dentures were carefully carved from hardwoods like boxwood that naturally adheres to a toothless mouth of a human. It worked through the principles of absorption using saliva and the mucous membranes.

Swank further said that there was a difference between early Asian and European dentures. During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, China and Japan were already producing self-attaching dentures that were made from wood. European examples only appeared in the 15th century and were made from metal. The European dentists chose metal wires, plates and springs for the installation of patients’ dentures for the next several centuries.

Nowadays, the dentist of Limerick was able to improve dental treatments and services because of the modern dental technologies. Aside from different treatment options like cleanings, fillings and extractions, there are dental implants, implant-supported dentures and full mouth restorations for patients who want to regain their beautiful and healthy smile.