The High Global Demand For Cymbidium

Thailand has successfully penetrated the global market for orchids because orchid farmers focus on quality enhancement to meet world standards. In order to meet world standards, Thailand orchid exporters have developed a packaging process that complies with Good Manufacturing Practices. Software can be used by customers to trace the origin of the flowers.

There is high demand from plant lovers all over the world for cymbidium, a flowering orchid that symbolizes beauty and nobility. The flower is well loved in the United States, Japan, China and Southeast Asian countries because of its gorgeous colour and graceful shape even during winter. Another quality of cymbidium is its long lifespan. Once the orchid plant blooms, 3 to 5 peduncles with 30 to 50 flowers can be enjoyed for 2 months.

Many people buy orchids to add a beautiful flower to their gardens. Others buy rare orchids for collection. In order to produce cymbidiums with the highest quality, a lot of efforts and energy are invested from moving the seedlings to the highlands during summer for differentiation of flower buds to moving them to areas where there is abundant sunshine when the flowers start to bloom.

Highly valued cymbidiums have thick long stalks with early flowering period and uniform quality of blooms. MCEA, one of Koreas orchid producers features orchids that have large diameters with gently curved petals in vivid, rich colours. According to JeongDae-young, president of MCEA, its takes an average of 3 years for a cymbidium to grow before it can be exported.

MCEA exports more than 95% of the cymbidium that it produces to different countries. The export season usually spans from November to April. The orchids are packed in pots then wrapped with vinyl wrapping to ensure that it is in good condition when received by the customer.

A wide selection of orchids, tropical plants, anthuriums, roses, hydrangeas, lilies and green foliage is offered by Thailand orchid exporters to customers from all over the world. High standards of quality and service can be expected by customers who want to add an exotic flower to their gardens. Best prices are guaranteed to ensure customer satisfaction.