The Furniture Through Time

It doesn’t take a genius to know that an uncomfortable chair can make the one sitting on it feel ill at ease. Instead of focusing on the work at hand, a worker may only waste time adjusting his position or trying to find ways to make the chair works for him. When this happens, the productivity of an individual is compromised and the income of the company is affected.

Different individuals have different preferences and this reason is one of the things that the furniture manufacturers must keep in mind. Most business owners acknowledge the fact that the office furniture must satisfy the preference of each worker. They keep looking for that one universal design that can help the worker boost his productivity and bring more profits to the company. The furniture manufacturers, like Systems Commercial Office Furniture, know how important it is to sit on a comfortable chair that offers a bit more than just ease and comfort.

The Evolution of Furniture

  1. Prehistoric Age

People in the prehistoric era used natural objects, such as tree stumps and rocks, for chairs and table. At night or when taking a rest, they used the mossy areas like a bed. In the early Neolithic period, people learned to carve and construct comfortable furniture using animal bones, stone, and wood. The Venus figurine found in Russia was one of the pieces of evidence that proved that people had developed the skill to construct furniture at the time.

  1. Ancient Egypt

Around 3200 BCE, the Egyptian evolved significantly. They also learned to design furniture. They used wood as the primary material for making their furniture. Other materials they used in furniture making include animal hide.

  1. Ancient Greece

The word “throne” came from the Greek word thronos, which means a seat assigned to someone with high status. The seat that Phidias made for the statue of Zeus at Olympia has precious stones, gold, and other valuable materials as decorations. Other ancient Greek seats have curved legs and backseat that the Romans copied later.

  1. Modern Era

Today’s furniture pieces are more comfortable than the ancient pieces, no matter how elaborate the ancient pieces may be. The furniture designers continue to find ways to revolutionize the furniture designs. Expect to see innovative furniture designs in the near future.

Furniture manufactures, like Systems Commercial Office Furniture, never stop to come up with the design that everyone will choose.