Thailand’s Popular Wedding Island Suffered An Unfortunate Fate

Weddings are not the way it used to be years ago when couples only choose to have their ceremony in their local community with the people they know. They will then spend their honeymoon in another town or city. Nowadays, weddings took on a new trend with couples choosing to wed in foreign countries and spending their honeymoon in another nation. One of the most common wedding destinations in Southeast Asia is Thailand. This is evident by the number of couples choosing a wedding venue in Rayong instead of their home country.

In the recent years, underwater weddings also became a thing and the most popular location in Thailand where couples prefer to do the ceremony is at a beach in Koh Libong located in the district of Kantang. With its fame come the consequences, recently it was found out that the popular wedding island is now covered with an alarming amount of garbage. These are composed of empty plastic, foam boxes, plastic bags and glass bottles.

Aside from the awful litters around the beach, there is also a foul smell coming from the trash. This is the reason why environmental students decided to visit Koh Kradan to see firsthand the current situation and they were shocked by what they saw that they immediately went to the local media to bring some attention to the matter.

The student, Nonthawat Sukmongkhol, said that they are concerned about the beach and the impact it could have to the tourism since it is used as a venue for the yearly underwater wedding ceremony.

He added that the tour operators and the tourists should be partly responsible for what happened and they should contribute in minimizing the amount of garbage disposed improperly on the beach.

According to Hat Chao Mai National Park’s chairman, Narong Khong-ied, the problem is going to be handled by the anti-littering campaigns they have launched along with the garbage disposal measures put in place by the park.

For now, couples planning to go to Thailand for their wedding should consider a wedding venue in Rayong or other parts of the country until the matter is solved by the local government.