Thailand Will Offer Multiple Entry Visas To Travelers

With the surge of people entering into Thailand for vacation, sightseeing as well as for work, Phuket Apartments are now hot tickets. Especially that Thailand will start to offer multiple entry visas to travelers or visitors from any country, the people entering this country well known for its tourism industry is expected to increase.

The Nation newspaper published that the country’s Minister for Tourism and Sports said that the Thai cabinet has already rubber-stamped the scheme. The said multiple entry visas for visitors are expected to be implanted within this month. In the current system of the country, citizens of at least 57 countries are being offered with a single-visit visa-free entry into Thailand. These entries of foreign nationals could last between 14 and 90 days. The length of time of stay will depend on the nationality of the visitor.

The Thai authorities charge 5,000 baht for visas that are good for six months. However, under this new scheme to be implemented soon, the minister of Tourism, Ms Kobkarn said that those travelers will be able to enter Thailand multiple times for over the course of just six months. The Thai government is planning to charge at least $142 for the visa that is good for six months.

This move by the government of Thailand will bring the country in line with other countries in the ASEAN region. This multiple entry-visa scheme is expected to increase the travel within ASEAN countries. This is the second visa announcement made by Thailand in as many weeks. Last month, the country started to offer visa-free entry to the citizens of Myanmar who were bound to enter the Thai airports.

Currently, the country is still trying to recover from its difficult situation last year when political unrest, martial law and military coup caused a very sharp decline in the number of foreigners visiting the country.

According to recent figures that were released by the country’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports, a total of at least 15.8 million people entered Thai soil between the months of January and mid-July this year. This data is at least 30 percent up year on year.