Still No Three Stars In Recent Michelin Guide

Long before Michelin guide came to Thailand, tourists are already flocking the country’s Koh Tao villas because of the beaches and the food. When Michelin guide came, it added to the many things that people look forward to when visiting Thailand. Just recently, the latest issue of the Michelin guide was released in the country and it added more to the list of restaurants in the city that have already received stars before.

In addition, a restaurant in Phuket was added to the guide but sadly the three-star award still evades the food scene of Thailand. One of the restaurants that received an additional star is Suhring which specializes in modern German cuisine in Bangkok. Last year it received a one-star whichis now raised into two stars. It joined rank with Gaggan which serves Indian food, Le Normandie which serves French cuisine and Mezzaluna which serves European dishes.

There are a total of 23 restaurants that received a one-star. Some of them have been on the list in 2017 such as Jay Fai the street food vendor of Bangkok while others are new on the scene like PRU which is located in Phuket.

The very first Michelin guide was released in Bangkok last year and it answered the prayers of many food lovers in the city. The list includes a variety of food establishments from street shops to fine-dining restaurants. For this year’s version of the guide, they reached out to other hot spots in the country such as PhangNga and Phuket and moved beyond Bangkok, its capital.

The goal of Michelin is to be able to cover the entire country when 2021 comes which is based on the five-year contract between Michelin and Tourism Authority of Thailand. The tourism of the country might be experiencing a hitch after the accident with Chinese tourists but it does not take away the fact that it is responsible for one-fifth of the country’s whole economy.

Tourism authority’s deputy governor for international marketing, TanesPetsuwan, said that they need to shift their focus from mass tourism and highlight instead the unique property of the country which is food encompassing art. This is the way to fill up those Koh Tao villas once more since it was one of the main reasons to begin with.