Staying In Shape At Home Is Not A Problem

The closure of gyms and fitness centres during the pandemic has made it difficult for people to exercise and stay active and healthy. However, there are ways of staying in shape at home without fitness facilities and a motivating instructor. There are many new videos that support people in their pursuit towards fitness.

According to Sarah Laadem, a sophomore elementary education major, nothing much has changed with her workout routine since the quarantine begun. She has been doing a few cardio-at-home workouts using online videos to keep her exercise regimen on track. She does 2 or 3 15-minute HIIT training workouts on YouTube to burn a lot of calories in short time. The intensity of each workout keeps her mind focused on the training instead of other tasks.

Meanwhile, Lorra de Guzman, a sophomore nursing major prefers to increase her cardio workouts during her free time. She would run 2 miles around the neighbourhood when she is not in class. Running allows her to have some exercise even without a full home gym.

Isabella Somera is a senior biochemistry major who participates in yoga and spin classes at the Recreation Centre. With gym hours cut, Isabella has to use online tutorials from Blogilates, a Pilates instructor and fitness influencer for her workouts. Before the pandemic, Isabella would wake up early for her 8 a.m. yoga classes to stay fit but with social distancing, workout opportunities are now limited.

Another video that Isabella often uses is from Chloe Ting, a Youtuber specializing in fitness content. The video makes her motivated even when she is doing the workout at home. Lyla Bugarin, a junior public relations major, also uses Chloe Ting’s workout videos particularly the 30-Day Hourglass Body Challenge. The video is beginner-friendly although she still feels the burn after every workout.

Maintaining an exercise routine at home can make a huge difference for people who want to stay physically and mentally fit. Staying in shape at home is not actually difficult because there are workout plans that will keep you highly motivated. You can complete a fitness routine in the morning to set a positive tone throughout the day.