Spreading Love Through Mass Wedding

No one is too old to tie the knot especially during the celebration of Valentine’s Day where you will be taking the vow with 35 other couples who are in love.

Joe Harrison, 77 years old, was one of the grooms during the mass wedding. He was ready to say his vow to his bride-to-be during Valentine’s Day. He has witnessed how the woman he loved grew from a little child to where she is now – a 49 years old woman.

He used to be high school classmates with his bride’s parents and he is the best friend of his father. They have known each other for several decades already and it was only last year when their friendship turned into something romantic. Unfortunately, it had to happen at a time when a mutual friend got ill. When they went on a trip to enjoy the beach that is when he decided to ask her hand for marriage.

Harrison and his bride, Lydia Partington, exchanged their vows at the National Croquet Center. The venue was flawless from its manicured lawn located in West Palm Beach. They were surrounded with royal palm trees that towered at a distance. The only thing more noticeable about the ceremony is that there are 35 other couples who are joining them in tying the knot.

Harrison resides in Boynton Beach and he thought that the idea of a mass wedding seemed like fun so they decided to do it. The mass wedding was not the first time because Comptroller Sharon Bock together with Palm Beach County has been doing mass weddings for seven consecutive years and always on Valentine’s Day. The event is free so the couples will be able to save thousands of dollars as opposed to having their own separate wedding.

According to the director of events, Scott Reiser, for a private wedding, the venue at National Croquet Center costs around $17,000 inclusive of food and beverage for 100 people. This is a great way to save money because couple in Australia who are planning to wed must book a party hire in Melbourne in order to experience a lavish wedding ceremony or event.