Six Tips To Maintain Your Car In Top Condition

Regular maintenance not only helps to keep the car in top performance condition but also improves it curb value. Car owners should never miss the maintenance schedules and consult trusted mechanics, whenever they notice any minor problems in the functioning of the car. This will help them to correct problems at the starting stage and eliminate the need of costly repairs and replacements at a later stage.

Here is a comprehensive car maintenance checklist prepared by trusted mechanic in Southport, to help car owners with the routine.

Inspect the vehicle regularly

Refer to the owner’s manual and educate yourself on how to perform a regular inspection and maintenance of the car. Check the engine, brakes, tyres, fluids and all other parts and if you notice something problematic during the inspection, consult a professional mechanic immediately.

Check the tyres

The tyre pressure plays a major role in determining the fuel efficiency, comfort and safety of the vehicle. Measure the tyre pressure regularly and get it corrected whenever required. Check the tread depth of the tyres and notice for any wear and tear. Take the vehicle to a trusted mechanic to realign and rotate the tyres at regular intervals as mentioned in the owner’s manual.

Look closely at the engine

Engine is a major component part of the vehicle, which provides power to run the different systems. The health of the engine impacts the performance and fuel efficiency of the car. Check the drive belts, engine oil level, engine coolant level, engine air filter, spark plugs and other components regularly. Pay close attention to the quality and level of different fluids and replace them at regular intervals to make sure that the engine functions at its maximum efficiency.

Regular cleaning

Take up regular cleaning and polishing of the car to maintain the shine of the original paint. Use car polishing and waxing products that are of superior quality and are recommended by the manufacturer.

Check the batteries

Check the batteries for any leakage or chemical build-up regularly. Pay close attention to the low battery indicators and replace the batteries, whenever required.

Check the windshield and wipers

Clean the windshield regularly to ensure the driver gets a clear view of the road. Check the functioning of the wipers and get them replaced at a trusted mechanic in Southport, if they are damaged.