Seven Foot Problems that Can Be Treated By Podiatrists

Podiatrists are medical professionals, who treat problems associated with feet, ankles and lower legs. They are trained to diagnose, prescribe medications and perform surgeries when needed. Consulting a podiatrist will help the patients suffering from diabetes, arthritis and other circulatory problems to take care of their feet and lower legs.  They are also trained to correct any developmental deformities in children and posture problems in adults.

Here are seven problems which can be effectively treated at reputed Western Sydney podiatry clinics

  1. Podiatrists are trained to advice on the proper shoes to suit your body type and foot shape. Always consult a trained podiatrist at Western Sydney podiatry clinics, before buying shoes for your children. They can advise parents on the right type of shoes for children of different ages. Using the right type of shoes helps parents to avoid irritation and foot problems in children.
  2. Consult a reputed podiatrist, if you experience any swelling or pain in the joints of your ankles and feet. Arthritis pain is very severe and it effects the mobility of the patients. Experienced podiatrists at Western Sydney podiatry clinics can diagnose the condition and prescribe suitable treatments that help the patients suffering with arthritis of feet and ankles, to manage the pain and carry on their activities.
  3. Diabetic patients have to take regular care of their feet and lower legs. They are prone to foot problems which lead to amputation, if not treated at early stages. Diabetic patients should consult an experienced podiatrist dealing with diabetic issues and get their lower legs and feet examined regularly.
  4. In-grown toenails are very painful. They can also lead to infection, if not diagnosed and treated properly. A podiatrist is trained to cut out the in-grown toenails and prescribe proper care to the patients.
  5. Podiatrists are also trained to take care of fractures, sprains and strains in feet and ankles. They can conduct proper x-ray of the affected area and devise a proper treatment plan.
  6. Corns and calluses on feet are a common problem for many. The podiatrists can prescribe medications to reduce the size of the corn or cut-off the corns using surgical blades.
  7. Painful warts on the feet are caused by virus. They often spread, if they are not treated. Podiatrists at Western Sydney podiatry clinics can prescribe medications or burn the warts for faster recovery.