Save From Buying Moving Boxes

If you are moving for the first time, you might be surprised to know that you can spend between $200 and over $400 for moving boxes alone. While you can buy cheap boxes for moving, there are ways to get them for free which is not known by many.

Olympian Moving and Storage revealed that a family living in an average home will need 100 boxes of various sizes when moving while a one-bedroom space will need about 50 boxes. Now you just need to determine the type of boxes you will need based on things inside your home.

The book boxes can accommodate items up to 1.5 cubic feet and made to be very sturdy. This is recommended for heavy as well as dense items such as small appliances, books and canned goods. The all-purpose boxes can hold 3 cubic feet. This is ideal for boxes with moderate weight like lamps, toys, pans and pots. For lightweight household items such as clothing, pillows and blankets, a large box of 4.5 cubic is recommended. This way, you can lift and move it easier.

There are specialized boxes like china box made with dividers for glassware and dishes while wardrobe boxes are available for clothes that need to be hanged while on transport. These boxes cost a lot but you can get them for free from Craigslist, Freecycle, Facebook and from your family and friends.

You can also try your luck with public sourcing such as department and grocery stores, fast food restaurants, dollar and liquor stores, recycling areas, banks, electronic stores, offices ad college dorms.

You can also try other creative packaging strategies such as utilizing laundry baskets, garment bags and suitcases. You don’t have to spend on bubble wraps because you can use alternatives such as blankets and clothing to protect glassware and stemware. If there are no free sources I your area, you can buy cheap boxes for moving in bulk to get a wholesale price. Remember to offer your used boxes after unpacking to those who need them. This way, it does not take up storage space and you help the environment as well.