Salvation Army Funeral Directors In Sydney Can Help The Underprivileged

The Salvation Army has joined the funeral industry in Australia. It’s actually a move recognized by advocates after expensive funeral homes take advantage of the newly bereft with the lack of competitors.It’s one of the funeral directors in Sydney that the less fortunate can turn to.

Salvo Funerals was formally foundedin Sydney, after successfully delivering nearly a 100 funerals during its six-month trial. The chief executive of the company, Malcolm Pittendrighsays it is a friendly initiative innovated to meet the demands of the community and revert the money to none-profit organizations.

Pittendrigh worked as an accountant for Salvation Army for nearly twenty years and started the concept of a funeral service in Salvation Army as an extension to its line of work.

In a market where big players are abundant, Salvo Funerals make a difference by offering inexpensive funerals.

“People just deserve an opportunity of fairer price for their funerals, especially with the bereaved families. We are out to meet the needs of lower socio-economic folks who can’t afford expensive types of funerals which many of our competitors have provided,” he said.

Salvo Funerals offer around $2,180 for a no-attendance, no-service cremation, which is significantly lower than $4000 as cited by ASIC for basic cremation.

“It’s actually a popular product not only intended for those who have no means of financing a funeral, but also those who prefer a basic funeral,” Pittendrigh said.

The prices for funeral vary widely depending on what type of funeral directors in Sydney you approach to. In Sydney alone, the average price for funeral is $10,000. Even funeral homes didn’twarn the newly bereft of the prices as they lack knowledge and emotional capacity to think wisely.

Only a few people have prepared for their funeral, which mean majority are left clueless when coordinating and organizing a funeral.

The Australian funeral industry is controlled by InvoCare, the largest private funeral and a listed company, where it operates cremation and cemetery in the Asia-Pacific region. Here you will also find the most prominent funeral directors in Sydney working for the company.

Operations for Salvo Funeral is only within NSW while it plans expansion Brisbane in 2018.