Proposed Trash Plant For Orange County Will Not Push Through

Rensselaer will soon see its trash processing facility after developers have confirmed that the plan is already approved in the city. This decision came after local officials awarded the proposal an excellent bill of health. The same cannot be said for the proposed trash plant in Orange County though because developers have decided to drop the project altogether. It is sad news for companies of junk removal Orange County as they are hoping to find additional facility to process collected wastes. Developers revealed that the reason why the plan fell through is because of the environmental concerns that were presented during inspection.

Two months ago, Rensselaer Resource Recovery LLC submitted their application for the facility’s permit to the state environmental officials. The permit states that the proposed facility will cost $35 million and will be constructed at 36 Riverside Avenue. Its main purpose is to make fuel from municipal waste. The fuel will then be used in facilities such as cement plants.

After filing for permit, Bio-Hi-Tech America which is the parent company, decided to withdraw its application for the same trash plant facility which is supposed to be constructed in New Windsor, Orange County.

Officials from New Windsor did not have the same viewpoint as the ones in Rensselaer because they are worried that the facility brings up a lot of questions in terms of environmental health and safety. This is why they have requested the developers to submit a detailed report of the environmental plan. Aside from the report, a public hearing was also scheduled at the end of the month.

Only recently, DEC revealed that the developers also submitted an application for the same trash plant facility they are planning to build on Rensselaer. Despite the fact that some residents were against the project, it was given the green light.

One of the residents said that there should be questions raised as to why Orange County did not gave their approval because of environmental issues but Rensselaer officials did not think so. Meanwhile, there are still alternative such as junk removal Orange County for companies wanting to make sure their wastes are handled properly.