Proper Ways For Caring Pottstown Dental Implants

With the advent of technology in almost anything and everything, dental implants are now possible and have become a very popular treatment option to substitute missing or lost teeth among many adults. Implants can also help stabilize your denture for function and comfort.

To ensure your implant’s longevity, there are specific efforts and techniques that can be done to preserve your Pottstown dental implants and keep them free from plaques and bacteria that cause tissue infection.

It is crucial for the dental hygienist to keep Pottstown dental implants free from any disease. There are traditional hygiene scalers that can damage a crown, implant, or abutment through scratching. Dental hygienist instead uses special gizmos that are made of resins and plastics to clean your implants thoroughly without damaging them.

Recipients of implants also have a significant role to play to succeed in the restoration. They must be encouraged and motivated to care for their implants. Here are things to do in caring for your implants at home.

Single implants

  • Clean them twice daily using a toothbrush with soft bristles – flossing your teeth is also important. Pay more attention to every side of your implant. Both flossing and brushing must be done gently and softly.
  • Brush around and under the crown of the implant – this gives you a thorough cleaning of your implant.
  • Use a gentle toothpaste – stay away from whitening brands of toothpaste because they are the ones that are very abrasive.
  • For difficult-to-reach areas, use an interdental brush that is nylon-coated.
  • Floss everyday with implant floss and unwaxed tape – this helps clean the area of the support of the implant.
  • Use an oral irrigator that is recommended by your dentist – this ensures the safety of your implants because dentists know best on the kind of oral irrigator to use.
  • Freshen up your mouth with anti-microbial rinses – always use a mild and gentle mouthwash to avoid irritations.

Dental implants need to be properly cared for. Although are stronger than your natural teeth, you still need to handle your implants with utmost care and diligence to preserve and enjoy them. Be a responsible implant recipient to avoid extra cost on damage repairs.