Printed Sensors To Know The Condition Of The Car Tyre

Most car owners often overlook the health of their tyres although it is one of the most important components of the car for safety and performance. The main contact between the car and road is the tyres which must be in good condition to continue with its peak performance. With all the technology in today’s cars, there is hardly any data collected on the condition of the tyre.

However, scientists have developed a printed sensor that can monitor car tyres in real time. The sensor also has the capability to notify the driver if the rubber is already dangerously thin and needs to be changed the soonest time possible. This new development in printed sensors for car tyres will increase safety, improve the performance of the vehicle and reduce the consumption of fuel.

The people responsible for the development of the printed sensors are researchers from Duke University in the US. They built the sensor uses metallic carbon nanotubes which are tiny cylinders of carbon atoms that are one billionth of a meter in diameter. The sensors can track millimetre-scale changes in tread depth with 99% accuracy.

The sensor is the technology that addresses the need of today’s car in terms of real time data collection and monitoring of car tyres. The technology relies on the mechanics on how electric fields interact with metallic conductors. The core of the sensor is created by placing two tiny electrically conducive electrodes very near to each another.

If electrical voltage is applied to one of the electrically conducive electrodes and the other grounded, an electric field will be formed between the electrodes. Through this technology, drivers of cars will easily know the time when they are required to buy a new set of tyres to replace the old ones. Drivers will also gain information when the treads are uneven and dangerous.

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