Partial Dentures Designed To Preserve, Protect And Restore

Aside from dental implants, dentists typically recommend dentures to their patients who have lost some of their teeth. Full and partial dentures are available through Affordable Dental Solutions Reading for cost effective prices. Unlike dental implants, dentures are removable making them easier to brush and clean.

Do you know that partial dentures are designed to preserve, protect and restore? Patients who have lost one of more of their natural teeth in the upper or lower jaw can opt for partial dentures as a more viable alternative. Dental implants and bridges even if they are the better option are quite expensive for most patients.

The partial dentures can be fabricated and inserted anytime after losing the teeth. The sooner that missing teeth are replaced, the healthier it will be for the remaining dentition. Space will be created between the existing teeth which will allow the surrounding teeth to drift to the open area. This is called domino effect that happens when partial denture is not immediately fabricated and inserted on the space left by missing teeth.

Bone can deteriorate in the space left by missing teeth, natural teeth will begin to wobble and develop mobility. Without a partial denture, the person will bite down using the natural teeth with space beside it. As a result, the ligament of the tooth stretches unfavourably to cause damage and make the natural tooth mobile.

Partial dentures are suggested by dentists to stabilize the surrounding natural teeth and keep their ligaments healthy. This will decrease the tendency for unnatural, lateral movement.

Partial dentures are created using bio-ergonomic design for precise fit and comfort. The tissues and existing wear patterns on the natural teeth will be used as a guide in designing the partial denture to achieve a natural bite. As long as there are no changes to surrounding teeth, partial dentures can last for a decade.

It only takes a few appointments with Affordable Dental Solutions Reading to get a perfectly fitted set of partial or full dentures. It is very challenging to chew with missing teeth. Dentures are removable prosthetics that help people speak and eat properly. Dentures will also correct the collapsed appearance that results from missing teeth.