Painters And Decorators – Redecorating The Home On A Budget

Redecorating a home does necessarily need a fortune because a coat of paint or new wallpaper can do wonders for a home. While it can be tempting to do the painting project by yourself to save on money, it is better to hire professional painters and decorators because they have the skills and experience to do a quality job. They know how much paint is needed according to available space and they can determine quality paint from one that isn’t.

It is tempting to buy cheap paint but you will probably require more coats which mean that your plan to save is not effective. High quality paints definitely last longer and they require fewer coats to achieve a smooth and glossy finish. If you are painting the home because you want to increase its resale value, you should avoid dark and bright colors because they can be a big turnoff for a home buyer. A simple and subtle blue color is ideal to add freshness to a room.

If you do not have the time and money to paint a room or replace the wallpaper, switch out some of the furnishings to uplift and brighten a room. Make sure that the colors of rugs, curtains and carpets coordinate to create a sleek look.

Neutral shades like dark greys, creams and blues can match with a variety of wall paint and carpets. It will also make the purchases last longer. Shopping for accessories and décor can be cheaper online and they sell pieces that are not often found in many homes. There are personalized cushions that can add some pizzazz to your sofa.

Kitchen counter tops, cupboards and facing can become tired and boring after a time. Instead of upgrading, you can simply repaint the wooden cupboard doors to give them a quick refresh. Light grey paint can hide dirt and finger marks better than white paint.

While a new sofa can be a big investment, there are pre-loved items that can fulfill your desires without making a dent on your budget. There are also companies that sell their ex-display models for a huge discount on the original price. Look for furniture that looks good as new and in great condition.