Packaging And Retail Shop Makes Shipping More Fun

Shopping can become a boring activity especially when it becomes a repetitive process of choosing and buying. People would most often just pick the item and pay them over the counter and this would unfortunately happen a lot. The continuous process will make the whole experience dull and lifeless that is why it is important for sellers and shop owners to make the shopping experience for their customers worthwhile. It does not matter if you’re selling Paper Mart bubble wrap or if you are selling a different product, what matters is that you give the best service to the people who buy from you.

One packaging and retail shop in Costa Mesa knows exactly how shopping should be done. Every day, the customers of Boxfli who come into the store are greeted with lively music and a variety of colors and shapes.

When they pass by a table containing rolls of tapes, they would see not only numerous colors of tape rolls, they will also get to enjoy musical tunes courtesy of the store.

Jayne Flinn and her husband, Mike, established Boxfli about a year ago and according to them, they are all about creativity and originality. They also want the shopping experience to be fun for the shoppers.

Inside the store, customers will be treated to in-house created boxes that have unique and creative patterns and shapes. Shoppers can choose between boxes that have striped prints, heart prints, modern-style prints and they also have holiday-themed patterns.

The shop owners are also keen on customer service.

Shoppers can get to choose whether or not they want an eco-friendly box wherein they can choose different sizes along with employee assistance regarding presentation and packing.

The packages can be customized to how the customer wants them to appear with colored tapes, bubble wraps and crinkle fillers.

According to Jayne, the concept was developed over dinner when they were thinking of how they can enhance their services.

Then they decided that they want their store to be fun and shopping should not appear like a chore but more like an art.

Talk about creativity.