Original Art Of Asia Displayed On MOA’s New Exhibit

In the new exhibition Traces of Word: Art and Calligraphy from Asia, the significance of written forms and calligraphic art in various cultures in Asia from the ancient times to today’s digital age is explored.  When creatures move through life, they always leave traces of themselves but humans leave words that are spoken, written, imagined or visualized.

According to Dr. Fuyubi Nakamura, the curator, the major theme of the exhibition emerges from the structured and written traces that are composed though human creativity so that the words can relay additional meaning beyond the word themselves. Contemporary calligraphy and art are displayed at the Audain Gallery where people can view multimedia displays, original art on wood and paper as well as reproductions of images created by artists and teams from Afghanistan, Tibet, Thailand and Japan.

The two adjacent galleries display an enormous variety of art pieces from older artifacts from the museums Asian’s Collections to the Sumerian stamped brick cuneiform inscriptions and Sinhala palm leaf Buddhist manuscripts. Also displayed on the gallery is a unique Chinese scroll from Dr. Sun Yat Sen and woodblock prints from the Himalayas.

Next to the pieces of art are biographies of the artists and an explanation of their work so that the viewer can understand how the written script forms a duality in the presentation of the art pieces that engage with issues on identity and strife.

In an annex, an interactive computer-generated space by Tokyo’s teamLabhas been executed magnificently with light music playing the dark room while formless scenes play along the walls and disturbed by peacefully drifting logographic of Chinese characters. The topographic landscape plays before the eyes of the viewer who is mesmerized by the reactive scene. The viewer does not have to understand Asian language or the scripts presented in order to fully appreciate and enjoy the exhibition.

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