New Trends For Unique Memorials – Modern Age Of Death Rituals

Death comes for everyone. When that day comes for someone, it is typical that the loved ones left behind hold a memorial for everything the departed meant to them, on their funeral day. Nowadays, memorials and funerals are not only limited to the traditional rituals, as technology and personalization also have taken over the funeral industry, while still keeping the solemnity of the event. The generation of today has changed traditional death rituals with innovation and personalization.

New Preferences

Families opinion towards funerals and memorials are changing. For instance, there is less resistance now for careers such as Funeral Directors in Sydney. The career has grown in popularity as more people come to study and graduate in Mortuary Schools to become Funeral Directors. This career has been in demand as people nowadays incorporate personalized requests during funerals to make it more meaningful to them and the departed. Requests for a butterfly release during the ceremony or converting ashes into reef balls are not the traditional ways, but it has growing acceptance because not only does it give more meaning to the memorial but it also leaves an impression on people in attendance to never forget.

Funerals and Technology

Technology and the Internet are some of the things that people rely so much on these days that even in funerals, it will be more convenient and apt to utilize them. Few of the new trends today are online obituaries, DVD of a short photo movie of the departed, live funeral broadcasts for those who could not attend or a website to honour the departed.

Funeral Themes

As funerals are meant to commemorate the departed, it would be great to highlight their interests and personality during this event. Themed funerals have now become in demand. Simple themes like the departed’s favourite colour, or incorporating his favourite sport into the decoration, for instance, if the departed plays golf a lot then funeral attendees can all wear black golf apparel.

Green Funerals

As a result of the growing eco-consciousness and awareness, green funeral service has become increasingly popular. If the departed is a conservation and environment oriented individual, it will be apt to give them a green funeral. Green funeral is an eco-friendly funeral service. It would be best to mention this during the planning stage so your Funeral Directors in Sydney will be mindful with the coffin of choice, an eco-friendly burial and everything in the event to have no impact on the environment.