New Patent Filed By Tesla For Their Solar Roof Tile

We have gone from simple roof tiles in Sydney to solar roof tiles which only proved just how much technology is taking over the world. As yet another proof, Tesla applied for another patent regarding it solar roof tile but this time for their newly developed solar roof tile colorization method. This means that consumers will be able to soon purchase Tesla’s solar roof tile in different colours than the one it originally comes in – looking like a solar panel from any angle.

One of the most anticipated technologies that were released in the past decade is the Tesla Solar Roof. It would be nice to know that Elon Musk’s company will be able to create a solar roof tile that looks very similar to the slate tiles or the terracotta most houses are now made of. This is one major step towards answering major environmental issues. It will also help homeowners alleviate the amount of money they spend on electric bills.

It is no secret that transportation comprises a huge percentage of the carbon dioxide emission. If every house in the world is to have solar tiles then it would be a significant difference in the environment. These solar tiles can be integrated with the power wall battery also developed by Tesla in order to cover the entire electrical consumption of a household and even their electric vehicles. This leads to zero payment on electric bills and also a big reduction in the carbon dioxide emissions.

At the moment, the production of the solar roof tiles is the front and center of the Tesla production located in Buffalo NY. Aside from the increasing their production in order to meet the demand when the product rolls out next year, Tesla has also applied for another patent. This is pertaining to the method they have developed in order to create coloured solar roof tiles without affecting the efficiency and performance of the original solar roof tiles. This is a step toward big changes and roof tiles in Sydney might be soon changed with this new innovation but it might take a long while since the price of these tiles are still of the roof – no pun intended.