New MRI Machine Installed At La Paz Regional Hospital

The basic steps in medical device installation start from the unpacking of the device from the carton box that serves as protection during transport to inspection for any mechanical and electrical damages. However, it is important to select a proper site for the device before it is installed including the power supply available for the desired output.

A new Magnetic Resonance Equipment (MRI) machine has been installed at La Paz Regional Hospital. According to Rick Graybeal, head of radiology department, the new MRI is designed to produce better quality images. The process will be faster and less stressful to the patients.

The public was allowed to view the new machine which is a Canon Vintage Titan 1.57 when it was displayed during a ground-breaking ceremony for the new urgent care facility last May 1. The hospital staff had to wait for 2 years until they found the right machine that matches their budget and requirements. After the installation, the machine has to be fine-tuned before it will ready for full operation.

An MRI is used when there is need to see more details than what X-rays provide. According to the website of Mayo Clinic, magnetic resonance imaging is a technique that makes use of magnetic field and radio waves in creating detailed images of the body’s organs and tissues. When a patient lies in the MRI machine, the magnetic field will temporarily realign the hydrogen atoms in the body.

Since the new machine is faster with a much larger opening, patients will be more comfortable and relaxed during the process. There are patients who are claustrophobic which is made worse by the length of their stay in the old machine for images to be taken. Patient anxiety will be minimized because they can listen to music on their headphones while scanning is going on.

Specialists in healthcare delivery and management will ensure that medical device installation runs as smoothly as possible. There is a project management team for that will handle delivery, collection and installation of MRI machines, CT scanners, X-ray units and linear accelerators. The installers have years of experience working in healthcare and high tech sectors.