Natural Hardwood Flooring Vs. Manmade Vinyl Wood Flooring

When you want durability, the best choice is timber flooring in Sydney even if it means a higher price. However, timber flooring requires cleaning, sanding, varnish and polish. If you go for the cheaper options like synthetic manufactured floor tiles, you may need replacement in three years time. For purposes of interior design, it makes sense to integrate the flooring with the décor.

Nowadays, homeowners have the option of manufactured materials like vinyl wood flooring which is designed to look and feel like hardwood although there are some inherent properties of hardwood that manufacturers cannot fully mimic. First of all, hardwood is a natural material produced from harvested trees in the forests. Vinyl is material made form petroleum that has been printed with the colours and markings of natural hardwood.

Hardwood flooring is quite expensive depending on the wood species used. There are softwood alternatives like plywood sheets and pine which can be purchased for a lesser price but they are not recommended for flooring. Decent quality vinyl flooring materials are more affordable but they are not as durable and attractive than natural wood.

Hardwood flooring can last for several generations as long as they are properly maintained and cared for. There are types of hardwood that are extremely hard and resistant to damages. If the hardwood floor is damaged due to certain circumstances, it can be repaired or refinished to make the material look brand new.

Vinyl materials that look like wood are either printed or solid. Printed materials include an invisible layer to protect the surface. The protective coating will increase the life span of the material. Solid vinyl materials have colour throughout its depth but the surface can be scratched and stained over time. The surface of vinyl flooring can be printed with a representation of natural wood so that the appearance of virtually any specie can be achieved.

Since timber flooring in Sydney comes from trees that were harvested from forests, it is important to ensure that it comes from a naturally sustainable source. The manufacturer must be environmentally responsible to ensure that the product comes only from carefully selected locations in Australia that allows harvesting of forest products.