Mount Everest Suffering From Human Wastes

If there is one thing businesses such as Wasted Opportunities know, it is the fact that we are collecting more and more garbage every day. Now even the tallest mountain in the world is suffering because of human neglect. This is due to the increasing number of climbers who are dreaming to conquer the highest peak in the planet. The end result is that the government has to hire a cleanup crew in order to maintain the cleanliness of the area. The crew is now struggling because of the amount of wastes they have to clear including tents left behind and even human waste. The latter could not be neglected because it might contaminate the drinking water in the mountain.

The root cause of all of this is the availability of budget expeditions. These companies are only charging around $30,000 for every climber which is not enough to cover the costs of everything including waste elimination. Mount Everest is now piling up garbage such as rope, used oxygen cylinders and food packets. Areas with the most garbage have even become a signpost for climbers to identify where they are.

The ethnic people Sherpas who are maintaining the mountain is not happy with the recent cleanup. After around 700 climbers have gone to try the expedition, the amount of garbage that was hauled was shocking for them. The Sherpas were in charge for the cleanup during the season of spring as they were hired by the local government.

South Col or known as Camp 4, the highest campsite in the mountain located at 8,000 meters, is currently filled with abandoned tents. Due to the wind, the tents can now be found scattered everywhere. According to the leader of an independent cleanup, it is not easy for climbers to bring big tents when they go down after their climb up so they decide to leave bulky things behind.

Sherpa said that they spend at least one hour just to dig and bring down one tent. This is why they are calling to future climber responsible because they are causing irreparable damage to the environment if this practice continues. The call was also echoed by Wasted Opportunities which aims to encourage everyone to practice recycling and reduce wastes as much as possible.