Midcoast Council Now Making Specialized Equipment Available For Hire

For any company that handles event hire in Sydney and anywhere else, properly organising major events can be a bit of a hassle. The AU’s Midcoast Council has taken notice of that fact, and has decided to make specialised equipment in the near future.

The council will be purchasing equipment in order to assist local community groups operating within the Mid Coast LGA to deliver consistent and high quality experiences in their events.

The decision was made earlier in November, with the councillors deciding to procure dedicated event equipment, like those used by companies that handle event hire in Sydney and across the country, including, but are not limited to, bollards, barrier boards, hi-vis vests, and others, on top of the storage space needed to keep the gear in working condition. This will be acquired using funding from existing budget allocations.

Economic Development and Events Coordinator Robyn Brennan says that introducing this new stock, alongside a sliding fee scale, will allow event organisers to acquire the equipment that they require in order to bring the best event experiences to their community.

Ms. Brenna explained how the programme would proceed, saying that it’ll first be running a 12-month trial period. But, before any sort of trial, however, the fees for hiring will be put up for the public to see and, hopefully, give feedback on. According to her, Midcoast Councillors agreed that this project is a good way for them to support events in the community that contribute to its wellbeing and sustainability.

The equipment hiring programme will be primarily for helping out community run events held by non-profit organisations or those whose events have been endorsed by a non-profit organisation, while other organisers would have to submit their cases to the council for approval, based on how they could contribute to the community.

The Midcoast LGA plays host to a fair amount of local events organised by the community, and the new equipment, currently undergoing a trial run, is available for use. The hope of the council is that, by providing specialized equipment for events, they can improve long-running events, as well as attract new ones to the area.