Meet The 24/7 Tutoring Service Offered In Cerritos

Tutoring in Cerritos had never been easier than when Smart Thinking was first established. Smart Thinking offers a free online tutoring service intended for students at Cerritos College.

The service offered by the tutoring company, Smart Thinking, is available 24/7 for those students who are taking an online course or if their professors allow it for them via TalonNet.

The acting dean of academic success and the dean of library and educational technologies, Carl Bengston, said that the Success Center had discussed about Smart Thinking and how they can help in supporting the distance education program, or the so-called online courses, because there should be equilibrium between the courses that are available to students in Distance Ed and the ones offered face-to-face.

This is most important because Cerritos College will only receive its accreditation once the services offered to the students are equal.

And in the case of Distance Ed, there are many students who are taking online courses in Cerritos College. The reasons may either be because of their preferences or because they cannot go to school.

Tutoring services is very important in the lives of many students. If they are experiencing difficulty in a certain subject, then the students may be able to seek various tutoring programs to help them. For students who have a physical presence within the college, finding a tutoring program can be moderately easy because there is quite a number for them to choose from. Unfortunately for those who take online courses and are in the Distance Ed, tutoring programs can be quite hard to find unlike those who go to the campus who can get access to a tutoring program offered in the Success Center.

But now, with Smart Thinking, they may now be able to get access to a tutoring program. Another good news for them is that they can get 24/7 access to it. Right now, the service is running on trial but soon it will be able to help online students and enhance their learning experience. Professors may also be able to give access to their students through TalonNet.