Make A Statement Through Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It is still a few months before the holiday season but many people have begun wearing the stuff from An example is Seth Rogen who decked out in an ugly Christmas sweater with the Star of David right in the middle.

Seth Rogen has played different roles as a superhero, a spy in North Korea and a survivor of the apocalypse and now he is starring in a Christmas movie. The first trailer of The Night Before looks like a Christmas classic in the manner of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Go, the kind that you put on every year after the kids and seniors have all gone to bed.

If you still have an ugly Christmas sweater, don’t burn it or throw in the trash because you will need them come December. Ugly Christmas sweaters no matter if it is itchy or ill-fitting is a way to make a statement.

According to the internet, the ugly sweater started to be a phenomenon in 2001 in Vancouver when a group of friends threw an ugliest Christmas sweater party. 15 years later, you need not worry about looking silly or hilarious because everyone thinks it is awesome to wear an ugly Christmas sweater.

Different online stores specialize in the stuff and they have one for each member of the family. Even the Jews need the ugly sweaters so you don’t feel left out. If don’t want to buy one, you can easily rent an ugly sweater, cardigan or vest.

However, avant-garde kids have started moving to ugly Christmas suits or those ugly sweaters from the favorite pro team. Just watch for announcements because some sports teams are getting rid of their inventories of ugly Christmas sweaters for low prices.

Thanks to the ugly Christmas sweaters because it upholds the great American tradition of making some small retailers rich by selling the stuff. One company Tipsy Elves have managed to make millions of dollars in revenue since they started selling ugly Christmas sweaters. The sweaters suck but it is the trend and many people are not ashamed to post their photographs in social media for everyone to see how ugly their sweater can be.