Learning English From Asylum Seekers

A few years ago, the only languages that you will hear in the streets Caltanisetta were Italian and local dialects. However, the remote city in the mountainous region of Sicily is being transformed due to the immigration crisis. At the local police station, law enforcement officers are learning Basic English from the migrants that were rescued from the shores of Sicily.

In a room full of policemen, a teacher from Pakistan is teaching how pronouns and verbs are used. Every day, policemen come into contact with immigrants who speak mostly in English so that it became practical for the officers to learn English to make their jobs easier. Learning English will also improve their skills and allow them more opportunity for knowledge growth.

Asylum seekers arrived in Italy through the Strait of Sicily. Most of the immigrants were transported to large reception centers located near port cities for their identification. Within weeks they are transferred to secondary centers located in towns on the island’s interior. The law enforcement officers capitalized on the opportunity to enhance their foreign language skills with the migrants as cultural mediators.

The asylum seekers themselves were eager to share their English skills. It is hard for the migrants to explain themselves with their meager knowledge of Italian. Communication will be a lot easier if they taught the policemen how to speak English. The migrants themselves would gradually learn to speak Italian even if their stay would just be temporary.

The influx of asylum seekers became a crisis that has to be faced by the European Union. Some have arrived in Europe using illegal routes. There are a thousand reasons why asylum seekers took the risk to travel to Europe particularly since they have to wait for months or even years for their papers to be processed and make their stay legal.

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