Latest Products For A Better Sleep

Since the rise of technology such as smartphones, we have been advised to unplug 30 minutes before we go to sleep. This is to help us sleep better and to improve our productivity as well as overall health. Majority of us take for granted this recommendation. The fact is that our bed such as rubber bed is not only used for sleeping but various activities as well such as eating, watching television, checking emails and working.

With this, companies introduced innovative products that will improve comfort and ease of stay inside the bathroom. One of the latest products is the natural mattress. In a study conducted by Technavio which is a global market research company, it revealed that many consumers are looking for mattresses that are free of toxins like the ones manufactured using natural latex. This is why Essentia, a company based in Canada, introduced a mattress with memory foam made of natural ingredients like natural latex, plat ingredients and unbleached cotton.

For people who have trouble sleeping because of the lack of adjustment feature in their bed, Saatva made a Lineal Adjustable Bse which helps one to achieve the best sleeping position. This is like sleeping on an airplane’s business class. The Lineal can be controlled through a remote control which can adjust both the foot and head of the bed. You can change whenever you want to sleep, read or watch television. It also comes with an extra massage feature.

If you love pillows then you will love the new smart pillows from Zeeq. It can monitor your sleep and reacts by vibrating when you are snoring. It can also play music with its built-in speakers and analyze how you are sleeping through its mobile app. If you want to be woken up in the morning, a programmable alarm can be turned on.

Aside from having the latest rubber bed, life is also more convenient if you have a nightstand that gives you the option to wirelessly charge. This is now offered by IKEA with their Seljie nightstand for only $59.99. To use this, your phone must be capable of wireless charging. If not, you can purchase a phone case that enables wireless charging.