Largest Collection Of Pictorial Maps At New York City Library

It is common for illustrators to sacrifice a certain amount of accuracy in scale in order to enhance visual usefulness to the user. For example, famous landmarks, buildings, hotels and churches can be exaggerated for increased clarity. Other inaccuracies are deliberate like the removal of certain features that can affect the clarity of the Map Illustration.

One of the most popular subjects of map makers is New York City because of the recognizable street grids, diverse population and the continuously changing skyline. Cartographers have always been interested in New York. This can be seen on the pictorial maps that include illustrations reflecting the culture of New York at the time that the map was created.

One of the earliest pictorial maps of the city showed New Amsterdam when the British took the city. New Amsterdam was renamed as New York in 1664. The Map Illustration showed the tip of the Manhattan Island with gardens surrounding the buildings and British man-of-war ships on the surrounding waterways.

The New York Public Library has a massive collection of cartographic pictorial maps. With more than half a million maps, the library is considered the biggest in the world. The best collection of rare New York City maps can be found in the library attracting curators from all over the world.

Pictorial maps are intriguing for people who are interested in social and cultural histories of a place. Since the maps are created for entertainment, they do not necessarily adhere to scale or the rules of cartography. Some pictorial maps reveal a specific moment in a place’s cultural history.

In traditional maps, cartographers are constrained by scale and perspective. With pictorial maps, there is more freedom to express how the cartographer sees the culture and artistry of a place at a certain time. For the artistically-inclined map makers that are many areas that they can explore.

There is no shortage of illustrators that can create artistic and creative Map Illustration of a city, school, resort or business center. The illustrated map can be used for promotional purposes because visitors will appreciate a different kind of map that shows a scene as it looks from above.