Jeju Island Ideal Venue For Team Building

Companies looking for unique team building venue should try Jeju Island. It has a lot to offer such as hiking or trying out a popular game show on television. One of the team building activities that can be tried on Jeju is immersing into the culture of Haenyeo. Haenyeo for locals means sea women or mermaids. These are female divers that are venturing into the coastal waters of the island without the aid of any type of diving gear. These female divers are harvesting abalone, squid, crabs and clams for a living. The cultural heritage list of Unesco includes the word Haenyeo. There are still a number of them in the island especially in Seongsan but most of them are already busy managing restaurants and local shops.

Teams who want o know more about the history and culture of the local community should take a look inside the JejuHaenyeo Museum. Their exhibits show off the traditional dwelling places and dishes. Groups may also dive with Haenyeo for a more hands-on experience.

The most popular television game show in South Korea is called The Running Man. They have filmed in Jeju Island numerous times with teams challenges. These challenges can be recreated as team building activities while following the trails and places the celebrities were able to visit during the challenge. One of the best spots to visit is the Maze Land which is known to be the longest stone maze in the whole world at 5.4 kilometers. If you want the picture perfect view, the Seopjikoji Coast should be able to satisfy your eyes.

Teams can also try hands-on activities such as learning the traditional technique used in dyeing fabrics. This is done using herbs and natural ingredients like indigo and persimmon.

Organizers looking for adrenaline inducing challenges should include hiking as one of their team building activities and Hallasan is the best spot. It has a height of 1,950 meters and considered to be the highest peak in all of South Korea. It is one of the iconic landmarks in Jeju which was created as a result of volcanic activity in the island that occurred two million years back.