Is Google Working On An Augmented Reality TV Show?

According to some researches, reality TV became popular because it satisfies an individual’s desire of being able to relate to the characters being watched on the TV screen. For example, the Real Housewives is about the glamorous life of some wealthy women and it allows people to fantasize how it is like to be able to live in such a luxurious world.

Even Google is looking at the potential of being able to delve into reality TV through its augmented reality (AR) game Ingress that makes use of the smart glass to turn real life into giant video game but on a smaller screen.

Ingress was released in 2013 through Google’s own gaming studio, Niantic Labs. It had the intention of turning Google Glass into an AR gaming device that would see the players on each team and allow them to traverse a city looking for virtual clues. However, according to The Verge, Niantic Labs is planning to take the experience and replicate it on television. Having teamed with a production company that has developed programs for SyFy channels, Niantic’s creative lead Flint Dille can develop the screenplays.

Those who are private to the details believe that Google will soon approach traditional television networks including its online content providers particularly Netfix. This will not be the first time that online content has been developed by the team since Ingress already has the official YouTube channel where guides and storylines have been created in order to cater to players of games. A TV series if it pushes through will likely be based on the same concept with incentives and drama.

Meanwhile, Niantic is also looking at other media for the development of Endgame. Endgame will be based on the trilogy of books that have been written by author James Frey that ties closely with the plot of the AR game. It is due to be launched later this year. Endgame will be an ambitious and engrossing project that could only take place in today’s world where people carry powerful gadgets right inside their pockets every day.