Increase Sales With These Trends In Website Design

Year after year, the growth of the ecommerce industry has been recorded at a significant rate. This does not mean though that every venture into the ecommerce is successful. One of the many reasons why they fail is because they do not have professional web developer in Mandurah who knows how to create website that will help boost sales for businesses.

There are many business tools available but when it comes to ecommerce, nothing is more effective than a website designed effectively. Every part of the ecommerce business should be utilized in a way to deliver the best experience to users.

The first thing that should be improved in a website is the loading time. According to a study from Stanford, 75 per cent of users relate the company’s credibility with how well the website was designed. The longer the website loads, the higher the chance that a customer will close the page without browsing or purchasing anything. An infographic from Kissmetrics has shown that when a page loads longer than 4 second, 25 per cent of the customers have already closed the page.

One of the most common mistakes of ecommerce companies is that they tend to focus on capturing new customers when they should be focusing on their existing customers. This is because acquiring new ones are harder compared to selling to those who have purchased from the site before. Repeat sales are found to have higher success rates than encouraging new customers to make their first purchase.

Do not forget the number of customers that are accessing your ecommerce website through their mobile device. Make sure that your website has been optimized for mobile users to ensure high user experience. You are losing a lot of customers if your website is not mobile responsive yet.

Landing page is often not given a second glance by website owners without realizing its full potential. For experts in the field such as web developer in Mandurah, they know that a landing page is an effective method when highlighting a specific product or offering a new promo. Its main purpose is to capture the buyer’s interest and turn it into sales.