Improving Your Digital Marketing Agency Review Strategy

Finding out what your customers have to say about your marketing agency matters a lot so that you can improve the quality of your services. It also helps other potential customers find out the type of service that you offer and what the experience is like working with your agency. Here are some tips for improving your review strategy.

Create an easy platform.

Reliable sites like Google Review and Facebook will make customer reviews more prominent and will help in your search rankings.

Request a review.

Make it easy and accessible for your customers to place a review. Customers are more likely to provide feedback within one to two days of availing of your service, so make sure to send the request in a timely manner.

Stars are great, but…

Sometimes, they are not enough. While star ratings look like gold badges to proudly display, just as important are the actual feedback from customers. This provides insight into how they felt and what left an impact on them. Their feedback also helps in the SEO of your company, especially when they use the keywords that would leave great impressions on your business.

Engage with respondents.

Leaving a thank you note to those who have left feedback within a day or two makes your customers feel that their opinions matter to you. Even responding respectfully to negative feedback will show that you accept constructive criticism and you are willing to improve.

Highlight positive reviews.

The King Kong marketing agency review posts on their website show many satisfied customers and improve their credibility rating.

Of course, positive ratings are great, but it has to begin with excellent service. By showing your best, satisfied customers will not hesitate to leave a positive recommendation.