If You Have A Pool, Don’t Forget The Fence

WA glass pool fencing eliminates the risks of anyone accidentally falling into the pool and drowning. The glass used as enclosure complies with Australian safety standards and installation of pool fencing is guaranteed by trained technicians. However, aside from pool fencing it is important to take all the necessary safety precautions particularly when there are little children at home.

According to Hasting’s Prince Edward Public Health staff, drowning is the second cause of injury-related death after traffic accidents of children ages one to nine in Canada. Health promoter Joanna Mestre is a pool owner in Belleville and the mother of young children. She understands the risks of having a pool that is why she had a gate installed in the pool fence. Lathes have also placed high on the home’s doors so that the children cannot escape and go to the pool area. Mestre also implements house rules. No kids are allowed on the pool when no adult is around. Hopefully the children will listen and be safety-minded.

Fences should encircle the whole pool and should be at least 1.22 meters or four feet tall with a self-enclosing and self-latching gate. It would be more ideal if the gate is installed with a lock. The design of the pool fence should not make it easy for children to climb up or go under. Most municipalities have regulations regarding pool fencing which must be complied with for the sake of safety.

A lot of pool owners assume that if the yard is fenced, there is no need for a pool fence but remember that there is usually a door that leads to the yard. Instead of erecting a fence around the yard, it is much cheaper to simply build a fence around the pool.

Prince Edward zoning laws require pools to be enclosed on all four sides by a 5-foot fence however; there are areas like Quinte West that do not have pool fence bylaws. Mestre hopes that municipalities will take action on their own. Jurisdictions in France, Australia and New Zealand have measures and they have fewer deaths and near-drowning incidents compared to those that still have to start making their bylaws.