How To Use Reviews To Attract New Talent

Customer reviews are very important for a business because they show how well the product or service is perceived and how well customers are served. Similarly, job seekers look at King Kong agency reviews to gain an insight on the company’s work culture and employee benefits. When employers respond to reviews it shows their commitment to employee satisfaction.

It is common for consumers to read reviews before they go to a restaurant for dinner. Job seekers also make the effort to search for company reviews before applying for a position. According to a survey, 66% of job seekers all over the world want to know everything about an organization from the way the employees are treated to the organization’s approach to work-life balance. Surprisingly, some are even interested to know whether there is a dress code.

While it can be daunting to post public reviews of a organization on the company’s website, it is a step that is well worth the effort because a website is a platform for engagement. From the reviews, an organization can discover areas for improvement. Reviews also provide an organization with an opportunity to show candidates that the management is listening and responding to employees.

An appropriate approach to company reviews manages the candidate’s first impression of the organization. It will also minimize the negative perception over bad reviews. There are also tools like review filtering that can filter out specific information like benefits, topics or locations to highlight the company’s competitive strengths.

Many people access job sites to look for employment opportunities. Companies looking for new talent must maximize their presence on the search sites by putting up a logo and a great job description. Job seekers are looking for information which means that content must be attractive and reflective of what working for the company will be like. Job seekers want information that communicates the company’s culture.

Millions of people search for job opportunities through job sites like Glassdoor. It is very likely for these candidates to come across King Kong agency reviews from current and former employees. Real reviews from real people showcase the legitimacy and credibility of a company to attract new talent.