How To Penetrate China’s High-End Market

Right brand positioning can turn standard commodities into Chinese luxury products. Consumer suspicion over domestic goods is still high in China particularly food products and raw commodities like snacks and milk. In order to command a premium price in the Chinese market, it is important to put emphasis on quality.

Many companies are relying on clever advertisements and packing designs that will appeal to consumers so that they will get a better position in the Chinese marketplace. For example, Yili Dairy makes use of red and gold which are traditionally associated with wealth and good fortune in China to bring a grand feel on its products on shelves and subway billboards. Yili’s milk also appears on elegant carafes and wine glasses to draw another association to China’s luxury wine market.

Approach is very important in China that is why many companies use the gold color on their packaging to make products look more luxurious and upmarket. The traditional yellow-gold that is very popular in China is turning into a more high-end sophisticated color. Golden elements can be found in swirls, ribbons, sparkles and glitters that light up supermarket shelves. Gold is also used in packaging and advertisements so that their products will stand out as more upmarket with better quality.

On the other hand, other brands are trying to connect with luxury consumers in another way by playing on the authenticity of the product. It is not unusual to find products like coffee and organic products being displayed in woolen bags or pouches to drive home the idea that they are organic and came straight from a farm.

Other brands like the market giant Mondelez still cover their shelves with their trademark blue and white consumers recognize easily. The key here is to know what the brand exactly stands for, how it will fit into the Chinese market and how to optimize packaging accordingly.

In order to add to extra dynamism to packaging, you can add silk ribbon in different splashes of color. Consumers in China are particularly drawn to packaging and they want colors with excitement and energy. To remain true to Chinese heritage, there is a silk ribbon in either red or yellow gold.