How To Manage Customer Reviews

It is important for a business to manage online customer reviews to know where and when they appear. There are review sites that will send a notification every time the business is reviewed if it is listed on the site. Google Alerts reports mentions about a business whether on web pages, blogs, videos or discussions. To properly manage reviews, hire a digital marketing agency.

There are sites that use publicly available data to create a page for a business. Some sites create a page when the business is reviewed to provide a complete business listing. If no page has been created, the business can create one to improve listing in local search rankings. A listing on a review site provides certain benefits like tools to track and analyse the reviews and the option to communicate privately with the reviewer.

A business must respond to positive reviews to show that they value the opinion. They can do so publicly or privately. There is also the option to respond only to favourable reviews that standout. However, they cannot offer tangible rewards like gift vouchers because it may be construed as bribing the reviewer to post more positive reviews. If the feedback is interesting, it can be highlighted in the website for all the visitors to see.

If you are planning to hire a digital marketing agency, make sure to read king kong advertising review before you make a decision. Reviews may be particularly advantageous to the business in terms of exposure and brand awareness but a business also needs digital marketing strategies to grow more effectively.