How To Encourage Customers To Leave A Review

In the good old days, consumers relied on word-of-mouth recommendations that come up during casual conversations. Today, these personal recommendations are called customer reviews. An example is King Kong marketing agency reviews that are published online. The digital agency is very likely to get a lot of reviews because customers want to share their opinions with others.

People trust reviews more than that of advertisements. Positive reviews can influence a customer to make a purchasing decision. It is without a doubt that reviews are powerful tools that a business can use in its digital strategies.

One of the ways to land a review from a customer is to ask for the email address and contact information at the time of purchase. If the customer is willing to share the information, it is very likely that she had a good experience with the brand. Since you have the email address, why not make a follow-up and ask them to leave an honest review based on their personal experience.

Brick and mortar stores can use in-house signage to encourage reviews. Review requests can also be printed at the bottom of receipts. If there is a QR code that can be scanned, make sure that it points to several links to review sites so that the customer can freely choose the platform for their feedback. Requesting for reviews means that businesses values the opinions of customers in improving the service.

Employees must be trained in encouraging customers to leave reviews particularly if the customer seems satisfied with the service. A friendly staff can approach the customer and tell him that a review will be appreciated. This is better than repeating the message “Please review us” to all the customers waiting in line at the checkout counter. Make a heartfelt request for a review; do not be pushy.

It is safe to say that King Kong marketing agency reviews have provided the mass exposure that the digital agency won’t afford through traditional advertising channels. Every review that recommends the digital agency is a powerful marketing tool. Consumers trust reviews like personal recommendations from friends and family. Responding to reviews helps in building a relationship with customers.