How To Determine If A Renovation Is Worth It

A lot of homeowners in Hudson Valley are now facing a dilemma. The hype does not have anything official for a label but if you talk to real estate agents about the issue then they will know right away what you are facing with.

The is the common scenario – homeowners are on the way to selling their property because of the goal to downsize but the major question is that they can’t determine the exact time when the kids will be moving out of the house.

Some homeowners are selling for other reasons such as situations at the current job. Whatever is the case, you might be faced with a dilemma – either you renovate your current bathroom or kitchen and make use of it for several years or don’t bother spending too much for a major renovation but opt for a little spruce up instead.

According to a real estate agent working with Douglas Elliman located in Armonk, Nancy Strong, they get this inquiry most of the time. She believes that if the homeowners have the money to do a renovation for the master bath and they will still be staying for a number of years then the decision is still worth it. The kitchen should also be renovated as it is considered one of the most essential rooms in a home. There are also ways to update your current space without having to perform a major renovation.

According to a real estate associate broker, Raj Bajaj who is working with Keller Williams based in Rockland, the kitchen should be the priority of the homeowners can afford the renovation. This is considered as an investment because after selling they will be able to get back up to 80 per cent of the money they have spent.

The designer Susan Marocco who is the brain behind Susan Marocco Interiors, on the other hand, believes that a renovation can be done but the theme should be not personal and bold motifs should be avoided. The key is to choose a theme that any buyer would want. If you are looking for help renovating your bathroom in Perth, remember to contact only professional companies because the outcome can impact the resell of your property later on.