How To Boost The Morale Of The Team

One of the biggest complaints of leaders is the lack of morale among their team. On the other hand, the biggest complaint of employees is the lack of leadership among their leaders. Morale actually emanates from leadership because leaders set the tone for their team. Based on a recent survey made by Campaign US, morale in the advertising industry has dropped by 36% since 2015. At least 73% respondents to the survey have cited that company leadership is the reason for the drop in rating.

Based on estimates about 22 million employees in the United States are disengaged or emotionally detached. Low morale among employees is costing the economy around $350 billion every year. The holidays are usually the most challenging period of the year for leaders to motivate their team. Before the end of the year, they need to boost the morale of their team. There are various ways to make the team strong before the year ends.

If teams are healthy, they are happy. Based on a study conducted by Leeds Metropolitan University revealed that employees who exercised at least 30 to 60 minutes daily increased their productivity by 15%. The team can get the morale boost they need through gym memberships, 30-minute yoga lunch sessions or subsidized marathons. Team building sessions are also great as well as hiking, laser tag, paintball or rock climbing because they foster friendships and team work.

Campaign US survey also revealed that one reason for low morale is dissatisfaction from work.  Team members must be put in a position where they will succeed and flourish. Sometimes, it is very difficult for the leader to manage the team’s expectations. It is important however, to be able to control how the team works. There are also instances when communication is very critical so that the team member can be led to the next level.

If you are planning various activities for team building to improve the morale of employees, the best option is to allow professionals to develop a custom-designed event that aligns with your company’s culture, team’s profile and event budget. Aside from event planning and execution, there are specialized packages that include catering and beverage options and event management.