How To Apply Makeup To Cover Scars

A scar can be on your face or any part of your body and will make you feel conscious. It may have been there for some time and you need to find ways to make your skin look flawless, especially on a special event. Nothing to worry as there is a makeup to cover scars, which are offered online or in the market. You just need to choose a right product and an appropriate technique.

  • Prime Time

Scars often have a different texture on your skin and will naturally stand out. Foundation and concealer can hide the redness and other pigmentations, but it cannot conceal the uneven texture. For a smoother scarred area, apply a foundation primer first. Opt for a silicone-based formula so that it can fill-in the scar and make the skin texture appear more even. For the most efficient application, add a little amount of primer on the scar.

  • Colour Correct

When you choose a makeup to cover scars like foundation and concealer, begin with a colour corrector. These products have a similar texture and consistency with concealers, but they can come in shades of lavender, yellow or green. These tints will counteract with skin discolouration based from the colour wheel. You will need to pat the corrector on the scar to carefully work well with your skin.

  • Blend In

After adding the colour corrector, choose the right concealer. You can use a thick, creamy formula to conceal the scarring and make the texture smoother. To ensure the concealer remains on your skin during hot or damp weather, prefer to use a waterproof formula. Use your finger to pat the concealer on your skin. You can use a small brush to deal with a smaller scar for precision.

  • Set It

After applying the concealer, lock the makeup to cover scars with a translucent powder. Powder is lightweight and does no further colour on the spot. Use loose or pressed powder for a better look. Use a fluffy brush to tap the powder on the scar. This will protect the corrector and concealer that you have already applied.